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Might as well make money off the Web. Doesn't everybody else? I can guarantee you one thing about my services though -- it'll hold the quality of someone who truly believes in the goals behind the Internet. I won't give you a half-baked effort. More...



Contribute to the benturner.com forums if you have something to say about how stupid or brilliant my ideas are, or for whatever else that's on your mind. More...



Some sites on the 'Net truly make me think, feel, and stay up to frigging late hours at night. Usually those sites are personal, disclosing too much about the author's personality, designed in a beautiful and graceful manner. How could I use the 'Net knowing I didn't give these people credit for their role in my procrastination?



I've written a few things since I discovered I like writing. I even have some stuff from beforehand, but it consists of mainly boring drivel intended to be so technically sound that it would be impossible for the teacher to give me a bad grade on it. But these essays, poems, and pictures are better, I promise.



Okay, so the name of the directory does not exactly fit the page name. That's because the 'Net's grown so exponentially over the past two years that games and online chatting have developed at phenomenal rates. On the MUD page, I tell you about the things I've tried and what I think of them. Oh yeah, and there's plain information and references, too.

  • index.php : Information related to MUDs and online games/interaction.
  • ozy.zip : Area writing documentation for ROM-style MUDs.


MUD Help

Starting out on MUDs for the first time is an ambitious task, indeed. The MUD Help page provides the necessary commands to help get you started on Merc style MUDs.


RobScript for zMUD

I've been working on a script for mudding which uses the MUD client zMUD. It automates plenty of mudding hindrances. I recommend getting them to learn MUD scripting.



Music is such an integral part of my life that you'd think I play an instrument. Well, I used to. Yeah, I didn't go into band or choir like all the other impressionable middle school kiddies. I played the violin. *ahem* But anyway, the music page gives viewers my rant on the music industry trends, and offers the largest compilation of Dallas band links anywhere on the 'Net. Got a small band? Advertise here.



Ever run across miscellaneous documents which don't fit in any category? Me too. They go here. You go here. You might find something you'll like.



I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote my online autobiography, but I certainly said too much, and it'll all probably be interpreted incorrectly. Some people think I'm arrogant, some people think I'm hard to figure out, some people think I'm modest and sweet. People are a frigging pain, aren't they? Oh well, you figure it all out.



Aww, isn't Ben nice? He, along with his amazing sidekick roommate, Daniel, provided a place on IRC for students of Plano East Senior High School to come and chat. PESH Online gives you the information you need for this channel.

  • index.php : Main menu -- find out what's available.
  • irc.php : How to get onto IRC.
  • list.php : What are former PESH students up to?
  • story.php : PESH stories; nostalgia!
  • why.php : Questions left unanswered.



Perhaps by now, you're thinking to yourself, "Man, I should hire this guy!" See if my skills meet your needs. Written up with stylesheets and available in several formats.


Robin Hood

This has been far and away the most popular collection of pages on my site. For some reason, no one's dared to write a biography of Robin Hood for the Web except for me, so I'm the person people come to for Robin Hood information. These people include high school students, college students, actors, and even the Discovery Channel. The Robin Hood pages contain clear and concise information on every aspect of the Robin Hood legend. Contribute if something's missing.



I had a great idea back in 1995. I decided I would create a page where I could write new articles every week about the most controversial issues in my life at that time. I guess I wasn't really doing much at the time I thought of the idea. Was probably watching a rerun of Sledgehammer or something. The Soapbox has, surprisingly, turned out extremely well, gaining praise from some of the other writers on the 'Net. Let me know how the articles strike you. Like a Daily Texan editorial or like a well-crafted poem by John Dryden?

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