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PESH Alumni

I thought it would be interesting to have a source which showed me what all the people from high school were up to. In fact, I saw this idea somewhere else on the Web and thought it was interesting to see how people were maturing and coming to become their own.

So here are the records for the people who chose to be listed. People could choose which fields they wanted listed except for the name and e-mail address. Records without a "LAST UPDATED" mean they were updated before I put all this info into a database on or around Nov. 10, 2001.

Want to add or update your record? Or add some personality to it? Just e-mail me with the additions/changes.

If you want someone's e-mail address, you're going to have to e-mail me and request it. I don't want peoples' e-mails listed for spam bots to collect.

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Acton, Michelle
Barrett, Hazel
Bashore, Leia
DESCRIPTION Leia was a '96 graduate of Plano East, and is now doing bigger and better things at Texas Tech, where she is studying Early Childhood Education.
Bell, Kevin
DESCRIPTION Kevin graduated in 1995 and is currently serving in the Navy on the U.S.S. Eisenhower in Norfolk, Virginia.
Bilbo II, John Leon
DESCRIPTION "CLASS OF 91, varsity cross country team, art ap honors class, been a united states marine for the last 8 yrs. presently living in yuma arizona due to end service with the marines dec 99. still beleive nicholey schwaab to be one of the prettiest things i ever saw."
Bostick, Misty
DESCRIPTION Class of 1992. Update 08 Feb 12: "My name is now Misty Bostick, working for Quest Diagnostics, still living in Plano. My twin boys will be graduating from Wylie High this year. My girls are going to Armstrong Middle in the 7th grade."
Caddell, Sarah
DESCRIPTION Graduated in 1997 and is majoring in marketing at UT.
Caldwell, Andrew
HOMEPAGE http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/andrew/
DESCRIPTION Andrew graduated in '95, a year before most of us, but he's going to the University of Texas at Austin. He's a computer science major and is suffering from the effects of learning machine language. His hobbies include writing (see his homepage for his book), composing, drawing, playing the trumpet, and wasting time in general.
Campbell, Roger
DESCRIPTION "'84 Grad (yes that's NOT a typo) went on to get my EET degree at Texas Tech in 1989... worked several years at TI until I got an opportunity to move to Denver. Now live at 8200 feet in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Would like to hear from other 1984 grads."
Cauley, Matt
DESCRIPTION Matt graduated from PESH in 1992 and lists himself as under "Iron-Cow Productions".
Chen, Daniel
Chong, Kwang
HOMEPAGE http://www.angelfire.com/tx/planoeast/
Chu, Michael
DESCRIPTION Michael is keeping himself busy with homework and dancing. He is a member of the Silver Spurs of Aggieland dance team and never misses the occasion to go to the clubs and boot scoot in his boots and Wranglers. Oh yeah, and he's planning to go into accounting through Texas A&M. He graduated in 1996 along with the rest of us.
Cody, Chris
DESCRIPTION Chris Cody is a 1988 graduate of PESH.
Coley, Meredith
Cong, Mike
DESCRIPTION Mike is a 2nd year at UT, and is a BioChemistry major. He graduated from PESH in 1997.
Davis, Melissa
DESCRIPTION She's going to OU and is majoring in financing.
Denton, Ryan
DESCRIPTION Ryan is in the 2001 graduating class of the United States Air Force Academy.
Deyo, Erik
DESCRIPTION "1992 graduate now living in Joplin Missouri. Been married 4 years & just became a father. Working as an Interior designer at Howsmon's Office Interiors."
Eubank, Lindsay
DESCRIPTION Graduated in 1997. Majoring in nursing at UT.
Farnsworth, Justin
DESCRIPTION Justin plays the trumpet in jazz band and wind ensemble. He's signed up to join the U.S. Navy, leaving June 24, 1998, enrolled in the Navy Nuclear field. Yep, current PESH student.
Finkelstein, Andrew
Funston, Greg
HOMEPAGE http://acs.tamu.edu/~rgf5486/GREG.html
DESCRIPTION Greg graduated in 1996 and is going to Texas A&M, pursuing a career in Engineering Technology in communications. He hopes to graduate on the millennium in 2000 (or is the millennium in 2001?).
Good, J.
DESCRIPTION J. Good, who goes under the more personable handle of Unaboner, is attending Indiana University as a music performance major. His listed hobby is playing the trombone, and his e-mail address is pretty cool. But then again, I have a thing for Ophelia.
Havermann, John
DESCRIPTION "I am a 1987 graduate of PESH that got out of Plano thanks to the helping hands of Uncle Sam and the USAF. I would be very interested in contacting other '87/'88 classmates."
Hillery, Allison
DESCRIPTION Allison is a 1995 PESH graduate, majoring in psychology at Sonoma State University, which is an hour north of San Francisco, California.
Holmes, Kelly
DESCRIPTION Kelly is a junior at UT Austin and is majoring in English, minoring in French. She works at National Instruments as a technical writer intern and she graduated in the year 1999. She went to PSHS, but was listed here because a friend mentioned her.
Holohan, Bryan
HOMEPAGE http://members.tripod.com/~Darkstranger/
DESCRIPTION "I graduated in 1991 and am currently the Meter Tech. for the University Of Missouri, Columbia."
Hubanks, Josh
DESCRIPTION "I go to Texas Tech and graduated 1997. I am currently majoring in Computer Science."
Hwang, Amy
DESCRIPTION Amy is going, for some reason, to Barnard College-Columbia University in New York. She is a freshman majoring in architecture, and is probably figuring out how to draw a full scene depicting a Roman-Catholic church with cows in togas walking down the steps. She is getting involved with volunteer programs in New York, such as the Harlem Restoration Project. Amy is also a member of Joe's Fan Club, whoever he is. Furthermore, she enjoys watching movies, going to art museums, life-drawings. Perhaps she'll publish Net over the 'Net.
Ilfrey, Christy (Tinsley)
Ingram, Jessica
DESCRIPTION Jessica graduated from PESH in '93 and now lives in Lewisville with a son of three years.
Jameson, Neal
HOMEPAGE http://www.owlnet.rice.edu/~nwjiii/
DESCRIPTION Neal, whom I met on the tennis team, decided to go to Rice down in Houston, majoring in electrical engineering and mathematics as a freshman. Neal enjoys playing intramural soccer and football and participating in the College Ball.
Johnson, Diane
DESCRIPTION My name at graduation was Diane M. Johnson now it is Diane M. Dixon. I have been married for almost 6 years to an Army Sgt.who recently returned from his 2nd deployment to Iraq, safe, healthy, nd in one whole piece. Thank you all for your prayers and support for our military. We have a handsome 4 yr old son. We have been stationed in Fort Polk for nearly 5 years, and the exotic life has leeched on to us, and we are ready to get back to some real exotic living in TEXAS! Well God bless you all, and I hope to see you at the next class reunion! Love you, Diane "Diva" Johnson-Dixon
Jones, Jennifer
Jordan, Vanessa
DESCRIPTION Vanessa is doing very well at Purdue University in Indiana, where she says it's "really, really cold!" She plays in the Purdue Symphony Orchestra and is president of the collegiate entrepreneur organization. She is majoring in management with a minor in finance and management information systems.
Kaylor, Erik
DESCRIPTION Erik graduated in 1992 and is currently looking for anyone who graduated in his class to e-mail him. He is stationed at Travis Air Base in Northern California at the moment.
Kueck, Dan
HOMEPAGE http://www.pyramid3.net/~kueck/Dan/
DESCRIPTION "I am currently finishing a Computer Science degree at Texas A&M, Corpus Chrisi. I got married in Austin in 1993, and graduated from PESH in 1990."
Larkin, Terry
HOMEPAGE http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Sideline/9153/
DESCRIPTION "I graduated from PESH in '96. Now I'm attending Baylor University and I'm pursuing a career in Health/Fitness Management. Also a minor in Business."
Lau, Marilyn
HOMEPAGE http://www.owlnet.rice.edu/~maril/
DESCRIPTION Marilyn is currently attending Rice University as a freshman and has an undecided major, possibly psychology. Marilyn likes Rice a lot more at first than she did before she came, so all is well, except for classes. Her hobbies include volleyball, playing the piano, hanging out with her buds (is this different for anyone else?), and e-mailing.
Lewin, Mario
DESCRIPTION Mario graduated in 1996 from PESH and is going to UT Austin. He's trying for electrical engineering and graduated the same year I did.
Lewis, Chris
DESCRIPTION "Chris Lewis is a Theater major at the University of Houston and a junior (almost). Not much to tell, but the old love of his life, "Jenny the Wonder Car" is dead know. She was the little blue CRX with a wooden bumber and held together with ducktape that sat with the line of cars at the back of the north 40. R.I.P. As of May 6th, Chris will be moving into an apartment with the new love of his life, Ellyn. All is going well, but it doesn't look like he'll graduate this millenium." E-mail was from 1999, so it's way out of date now!
Lin, Sally
DESCRIPTION Sally Lin, yet another PESH student attending the University of Texas at Austin, is planning to spend her four years chasing guys, while trying to complete a major in government on the side (just teasing you, Sally!).
Lira, Roma
DESCRIPTION Romy graduated in '96 (my class) and is now studying English at UT. No graduation date set yet, according to him, but he's been published in some small independent zines as an author.
Lomberg, Jason
DESCRIPTION "I am an '89 grad. I work in the semiconductor manufacturing division at Texas Instruments, where I have been for about 3 years."
Ma, Ruth
DESCRIPTION Ruth's a very busy woman at Rice University. Not only is she majoring in electrical engineering as a freshman, but she's also involved in a small acappella music group, the Rice Ballroom dancing club, the Campus Crusades for Christ, the Academic Committee at Brown, the Student Admissions Committee, and she's the freshman representative for the Society of Women Engineers. But we knew she'd end up doing stuff like this, didn't we, kids?
Mathis, Katie
DESCRIPTION Excerpted: "I graduated from Pesh in 1997 and I now go to Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I'm majoring in Social Work."
May, Greg
DESCRIPTION "I'm currently living in sunny south Florida (Ft. Lauderdale) a long ways away from the great city of Plano. I now work for the City of Plantation Fire Department, where I serve as a Paramedic/Firefighter. I have been employed with the city since 1996. I would like to get into contact with any of my friends from the class of 1990, so if anyone reads this and remembers me, please give me an e-mail."
McClellan, Lindsey
DESCRIPTION Graduated in 1997. Majoring in business at UT.
McMillian, Jon
DESCRIPTION Jon (PESH '92) lives in The Woodlands, TX now (2007)... married with two daughters (7 and 2)... graduated Tx A&M eventually in 1998 with BLA; enjoys practicing landscape architecture
Meinershagen, Brett
Miller, Heidi
DESCRIPTION Heidi graduated in 1987. Excerpted: "I got my B.A. in French and International Studies from Trinity University in '91 and my M.A. in French lit from UT in '93. I worked writing high school French textbooks for Holt, Rinehart and Winston in Austin for a while, then my sweetie Jack and I moved to Chicago in '96 for a change of pace. Geez, nothing like snow in MAY! But I got a job working as a foreign language sales rep for another publisher, Heinle & Heinle. The travel was hell and I spent more time in high schools in Wisconsin and Michigan than I ever wanted to, but the people were terrific. Then, last year, Heinle merged with ITP and laid off all their sales staff. So I did what any red-blooded American would--nothing. Oh, I took up modelling and acting to pay the bills, just for grins. Then, last month, I started as a project coordinator at McDougal-Littell, but I still act on the side. If anyone is in Chi-town, come see me in Showboat or check out the cover of the latest Discovery Center brochure for my shining face!"
Mitchell, Janelle
Mullenix, Winter Laurel
HOMEPAGE http://facebook.com/winterlaurel
Mumm, Dave
Murphy, Susan
Nguyen, Liem
Oliver, Shannon
DESCRIPTION Shannon graduated in 1996 and is going to Texas A&M now.
Paradis, Rebecca
DESCRIPTION Last I heard from Rebecca, she was hoping to graduate from UTD in spring and go to Baylor College School of Dentistry in the fall of 2000. Don't know if it worked out or not.
Parker, Ann Marie
DESCRIPTION Ann Marie Parker is a '95 graduate of Plano East and she's now working on her french horn performance major at Indiana University. She enjoys watching movies, listening to music (unspecified tastes), and making fun of specific professors (don't we all?).
Powell, Nettie
DESCRIPTION Nettie decided to go to that other school, Texas A&M in College Station, and is a freshman planning to major in health education. She keeps herself busy (since there's little else to do there! *grin*) with playing the cello, cooking, gardening, crafting, visiting Crabtree and Evelyn, working at the Gap, and having fun with her sorority, Alpha Chi Omega.
Ramsey, Michael
DESCRIPTION "I never made it to North Texas and playing football is not an objective for me anymore, but I coach kids in my spare time. I got married a while back and I have a son and a daughter. Jacob is 4 and Cassandra is 15 months. I am getting my associates degree in automotive technology from Brookhaven College and I work in the fleet department for the city of Richardson which is also the same town that I bought my house. Unfortunately my kids will most likely be going to Richardson High!"
Rasmussen, Derek
DESCRIPTION "I graduated in 1998 and am currently attending Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Ga."
Roeloff, Crissy
Roseberry, Mary Taye
DESCRIPTION Mary is majoring in business at Texas A&M.
Roy, Evan
DESCRIPTION "I'm doing lots of stuff but mainly things. Good times." Graduated in '96.
Sahl, Andy
Searcy, Summer
DESCRIPTION Summer was in the class of '97 and is now studying marketing at Florida A&M University.
Sims, Cara
DESCRIPTION Cara is a freshman at the University of Texas at Dallas, majoring with specialization in English and concentration in Spanish. She enjoys doing "social type stuff", reading, and exploring the Spanish language. Cara was one of us (the Tribe of All That Which is Orchestra).
Stephens, Van
DESCRIPTION "I am a 1989 graduate of Plano East. I graduated from Sam Houston State University in May '94 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Law Enforcement/Police Science. I now work as an agent for the United States Border Patrol performing anti smuggling enforcement operations in Temecula, California, about 75 miles north of San Diego. It's a good job that has taken me all over the country on various details to work, and the pay ain't too shabby."
Teague, Anthony
Tenczar, Caroline
DESCRIPTION She's going to OU and is majoring in MIS.
Thakar, Rahul
DESCRIPTION Rahul is another one of the UT crew down here in Austin, where everyone else should be because it is such a great place (editor's opinion). As expected, he is doing well as a freshman, majoring in chemical engineering/pre-med. He likes to play the tuba, read (wow, outside of class?), explore our vast campus, and use e-mail to talk to his friends.
Tinsley, Christy
Turner, Aleta
DESCRIPTION Aleta is being kept busy at Georgetown University -- she barely has any free time! One wonders if all that studying late at Lauinger Library has warped her mind! Or if it hasn't yet, will it over four years' time? Somehow, Aleta is managing to double major in government and English, while volunteering in her local committee. She participates in the Georgetown Dance Company, the D.C. Schools Projects, Campaign Georgetown, e-mailing, and panhandles for money on M Street. I dunno, but I think that last one eats up the most time.
Turner, Ben
HOMEPAGE http://benturner.com/
DESCRIPTION I graduated from UT Austin with a degree in Latin and unofficial minors in Business Foundations and classical civ. Currently I am traveling frequently and seeing the world as much as possible. I trade stocks for a living. I am about to enter the Army doing military intelligence.
Warren, Craig
DESCRIPTION Class of 1992. "I am currently working in Houston as a Financial Advisor with AXA ADVISORS. I graduated from Stephen F. Austin with marketing degree played 5 years on the SFA football team. Played two and a-half season in the NFL with the Jacksonvill Jaguars, England Monarches, and Chicago Bears - (career ending knee surgeries on both legs- stop the life long dream). Don't cry, I am now married to a wonderful lady from Cali, Columbia - the name- Adriana - currently at UH. She is planning to go to law school not to practice, but to be a judge. NO KIDS for five - no - seven years!!! I am planning to go to UT in 2+ years for MBA."
Welch, Nikki
DESCRIPTION She's going to OU and is majoring in business.
Whitehead, Mitch
DESCRIPTION Mitch graduated in '97 and was a junior at UT-San Antonio in 2000, majoring in MIS.
Wingo, Justin
Wong, Darcy
HOMEPAGE http://www.duke.edu/~ddw1/
DESCRIPTION Darcy is double majoring (!) in biomedical engineering and electrical engineering at Duke University. Does this guy ever cease to amaze us? If you need help with any subject, you can bet Darcy can answer it!
Young, John
HOMEPAGE http://home.mci2000.com/~edub52/
DESCRIPTION "Let's see... graduated PESH in '84 (a fact readily established). Spent a brief time at TAMU, but came to my senses and transferred to the University of Total Apathy (small commuter school in Arlington). Graduated with a degree in architecture, which I've yet to use, and joined the USAF. Thought bombing buildings would be more fun that building 'em, so I wound up flying B-52s for a living. Married my college sweetheart, Lisa. Currently live in "Shrevepit, Lousyana." We call the fruit of our loins Meagan Taylor, who is still counting her age in months (10 months old). My web presence may be felt at http://www.softdisk.com/comp/jyoung/ ."
Ziegler, Sean
HOMEPAGE http://www.nd.edu/~sziegler/
DESCRIPTION Sean wrote me a while ago and told me he planned to graduate from Notre Dame in May 2000 in biology. He expressed interest in working in Chicago.
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