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04-27-98Foundation version 1.2 released.

RobScript v.1.2 has been released for the Foundation MUD. Supports tracking of furniture and reassignment of all aliases, variables, etc. into classes. This version requires zMUD 5.21. It is definitely worth upgrading zMUD for this.

03-14-98Version for Foundation MUD.

The RobScript has been slightly edited from its original Stick in the Mud version so it will work with The Foundation. I have not thoroughly tested the Foundation version, so if there's anything that doesn't work (since Foundation has slightly different trigger messages than Stick in some cases), please tell me.

11-16-97RobScript v.1.0 (final) released.

The RobScripts have finally been released! Info online is scant so far but will probably grow as user input comes in. E-mail Rob if you encounter problems.


Just a quick note about the site. It'll look pretty dull if you're using a browser which doesn't support stylesheets. I don't want to have to tweak this area constantly so I decided to use stylesheets to facilitate updates. By the way, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 is probably the best stylesheet-supporting browser for Win95/NT. Netscape Navigator 4.0's stylesheet support is...pathetic.

After over a year of procrastinating and being lazy, Ben Turner, known as Rob t'Thief on Stick in the Mud, has finally finished his script for zMUD, entitled the RobScript. A vain name, perhaps, but if you ponder what else it could have been named (zMUD Script? Rob's zMUD Scripts? Stick in the Mud Scripts? Naw, they don't really apply. The only title besides using YASA (Yet Another Stupid Acronym) is to include the author's name in the title.

So there.

About a year ago, I started using zMUD's powerful MUD scripting language to automate some operations on Stick in the Mud. Tintin at the time was more commonly used, particularly by people like Xerxes and his famous random 50+ congratulations on leveling messages. But there was much more that could be done with zMUD than with Tintin so I went to work. I got more and more ideas and the project began to lengthen and I put the project off as I had more important issues to deal with. Gradually, I have added new features to the RobScript and have debugged it with the help of some beta testers. Now the script is available to the mudding population.


First of all, if you don't have zMUD, go to Zugg's zMUD site to read information about this MUD client and download it.

Second, become familiar with the scripting language zMUD has. Although you can learn by using the RobScript, it would be to your advantage to bone up on your zMUD knowledge so the scripting I've done doesn't look completely foreign to you. My job is not to teach you how to use this script, really -- you can do that by looking over the script.

Then download the script and follow the instructions for setting it up. It is very important that you read the readme file for complete information! This site is not intended to be a substitute for the readme file, only a medium for the script to be distributed!

The download page has the latest version of the RobScript. The feature list lists all that the RobScript has as examples for you to work with. The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is based mainly on user feedback so it will be small at first. As more questions come in, I will add their answers to the FAQ.



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