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My name is Ben Turner. I am years old and am fresh out of college. I've been working on this site since 1995, before most of my "peers" even knew what Yahoo was. This is a personal site, with over 450 pages and files of content. To assist in navigation, there is the drop-down menu above, plus a breakdown of the site into five sections, below.


...ben, exposed...

This section is what defines a personal site. There is of course my autobiography, which sums up how I got to where I am today. Most notable is the Soapbox, my weekly outlet for expressing my feelings and thoughts about anything I encounter. Naturally, there are more parts to this section, worth mentioning to the curious.



Although much of the content in this section is outdated, its one gem is my biography of Robin Hood, probably by far the most visited part of benturner.com.



I enjoy reading numerous brief essays and absent-minded prose written both by the author of a site and by favorite authors of mine. It's a genuine surprise mash of junk. But we prefer to be spoonfed, don't we, boys and girls?



There's a lot that goes into benturner.com. It thrives off info. It adapts and evolves with my care and updates, but it also changes by itself. If you're interested in the site history, hierarchy, or other things relating to how the site works mechanically and historically, see this.



I'll tell you the truth -- sending an e-mail to me is like squeezing blood from a rock. The e-mail will be late and it may not be as inspired as yours was. But if you still need to contact me, I've listed several methods, plus given my PGP key for protection.

But no man as we know can lose himself. This self will cling to him against his will. Because he's sick and never grasps the cause of his disease. But were perception clear, then men would soon abandon everything, devote themselves to physics and philosophy. What is in question, after all, is not one hour but all eternity, what fate awaits man after death.



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no, ben, I don't check daily...
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_. etiam ._

where do I go?

Well, look, if you really want to get a feel for how this site is set up and how it came to be, first read my history of benturner.com, then look at the sitemap. Sitemaps are vital for knowing just how much of the site you've looked at.

Are you lost, confused, too lazy to explore? First of all, I'd start off by going to the autobio to learn more about me. Then I'd go to the Soapbox to read what I've been writing regularly over the years. Most people read up on Robin Hood, but then stay to read about me.

If you want to get off the beaten track a bit, why not take the philosophies survey? Look at what I've created, or what others have created. Don't forget to brush up on your quotes.

_. etiam ._

what you should know...

First of all, this site is very old, dating back to late 1995. Most of the design is ancient and the same is true for the content. I keep it because I like the way everything flows together, even if it's not very useful to anyone. I don't really design anymore, and luckily I was able to create a flexible, easy-to-maintain site before I lost interest.

This site is a celebration of the author, and not so much entertainment for its readers. If you're an HTML pedant, bandwidth luddite, or potential employer, just keep in mind that if it were not my personal playground, it would download faster. Bug reports still welcome.

I know this site is difficult to get immersed in, and many won't take -Signed, Ben the time to do it, but I feel that once you get past my difficult and stand-offish exterior, you'll enjoy the interior.

--- t h e   b u r d e n   i s  g o n e (and now we're having fun) ---

Frank Black, we miss you. [ ouroboros -- millennium ]