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Fred would like to thank...

Both of my sons, Daniel and Ben, have been my teachers in the new world we are coming to inhabit, the world of prosthetic intelligence and memory, of personal publication, of immediate communication, of hypertext, hypermedia, information overload mitigated by a new ingenious hierarchy of knowledge.

Ben talked me into letting him design this web page for me, was extraordinarily patient with my print-culture mode of giving him the necessary materials, and accepted with a good grace the pittance we agreed on for the job, even when it turned out to be a big project and delighted me with its craftsmanship and attractiveness. This reminds me of a poem I wrote about Ben when he was eleven, and was serious about baseball, "First Base."

My brave son Ben, watching the pitch come down,
Must teach impossible progenitors
How to be parents to a Texan child. . .
All that I know of baseball comes from Ben.
How is it I am rooted now in him?

Ben tells me it is customary to thank the makers of the web itself, especially the pioneers who out of sheer love and imaginative excitement began to create this virtual world. It sounds like a good custom, and it is wonderful to see new courtesies evolving out of the decay of the old; so I hereby thank them.


Ben would like to thank...

First of all, I need to give recognition to all the personal site authors out there who keep the Web working the way it works best -- freely and unbound. Most of all, I'd like to recognize Derek Powazek and Lance Arthur for experimenting with layout and frames -- they've both contributed to the inspiration behind Genesis.

If one Web author's inspired me the most out of everyone, it would have to be Alexis Massie. Long ago I found her site and what she did really motivated me to step up the notch of my design and writing. And without her experimenting with TABLE background colors, sites would not look as nice as they do now. Thanks, Pandora.

I don't have many other people to thank, since that is the way of the Internet. The 'Net is an amazing network of faceless individuals who contribute bits of information that others pick up and use themselves. No credit is passed unless the information is big or valuable enough, but people continue to contribute anyway. Thank you, then, to all the authors of HTML guides, the people who put up sites, and the people who make the Web work, the individual.

Thank you to the authors and writers out there who helped me learn how to think and write well. Without them, my journey to maturity and intelligence would be near impossible.

I was given a lot of material to scan, and I understand those specific photos and book covers were created by other people. I take no credit for the designs of the books or for the numerous photos used for the inside covers. Thank you to all those who contributed other forms of media to this site.

Anna must of course be thanked, mainly for loving me for who I am, and for providing the inspiration I needed to finish this site finally.

I want to thank my mom for being what a mother should be, which is supportive and present, and I of course need to thank Fred, my dad, for passing on some of his vast knowledge to me so that I may misuse it for my evil purposes (ahem) and brag about him endlessly. He was very helpful and generous with the development of his site, even though it took me a little longer than it should have to complete it. This site's for you, Fred. Welcome to the 'Net.

...FT End.


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